Managing Australia's Best Talent


Jordan F


Jordan F is a producer from Sydney, Australia who makes 80’s synthesizer music with a modern fidelity. He is a member of the Rosso Corsa Collective, a group of artists that specializes in Outrun Electro, Synthwave and Chillwave in dedication to the 1980’s.

He has already been receiving high praise such as being named as one of the ‘Inthemix’ top 20 local producers you need to hear in 2012. As well as Dave Ruby Howe saying it well “The ’80s might be dead but the era’s revival continues to thrive and in the Australian vanguard of retro producers it’s Jordan F who impresses the most. He’s equally at home with arcade game anthems and neon-synth epics in the vein of Vangelis.”

Watch out for a flood of new remixes, collaborations and originals from this young talent as he leads the charge in 80′s synth revival!

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